Aging Well

Aging well comes in many forms. When we choose to be an active participant in how we see our self and our health there is an opportunity to create a new relationship with our health and well-being

It’s All About Perception

YS 4:15 vastu-sāmye citta-bhedāt tayoḥ vibhaktaḥ panthāḥ
“The characteristics of an object appear differently, depending upon the different mental states of the observer”.
TKV Desikachar


Samasthiti And Ṭadāsāna And Their Association with the yoga sutras Everything in this life is connected and I am passionate about its intertwining nature and how my sense of yoga moves past …

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Śraddha a catalyst for change Śraddha Is pronounced shrad…dha and comes out of the root word shrat (shrad), which means “truth” or “faithfulness,” and dha, which is “to put or place or to direct one’s …

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