small group
classes & Therapy sessions

A unique way to gain the full benefits of yoga.
Classes are prepared with holistic intention and delivered in a small & intimate setting.

Radha and student, on knees on yoga mats with hands on the chest and eyes closed doing a yoga therapy session inside the yoga studio

Yoga with purpose

These ongoing small weekly classes are breath led practices created with the intention to build awareness of the body, breath and mind.
Each session is formulated for a desired effect, keeping in mind the time of day, type of students attending and the focus of the class i.e. early morning practice, general well-being, and meditative practice. 
Spaces are limited
Bookings are essential 

Yoga Therapy Focus sessions

Each yoga therapy series focuses on a targeted health concern such as stress, back care, mobility and more.
The aim is to improve a student’s relationship with their health and well-being.

When these focus sessions are supported by an additional home practice there is greater potential to enhance the benefits of a student’s experience.

Spaces are limited

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Yoga Therapy

what does yoga therapy have to offer that is different?

Yoga Therapy is the therapeutic application of various components of yoga for a desired effect. We work together in a individualised student – teacher relationship to find the appropriate tools of yoga that are specific to your needs and your capacity. The primary aim is to relieve you’re “suffering” 

Through an individualised approach we work together in a step by step manner towards your goal of wellness.

By applying and modifying the tools of yoga according your needs the teacher guides each student, evolving practices as their circumstances change.

Throughout this process the aim of the teacher is to empower you, the student, to build trust in your self and a belief that change is possible. 

A student requires a willingness to be open to the  guidance of the teacher and have a desire to practice over a sustained period of time to establish effective change.

A Yoga Student – many in the wider community still see yoga as a means to address their physical needs amongst a group of like minded people. We come to a group class or private session with a goal in mind, sometimes it is to be more flexible, sometimes to improve sleep or simply to reduce the stress of our everyday lives. Often we feel freer in a larger group where we can challenge our self and are able to quietly come and go without being seen.

A Yoga Therapy student – usually comes for a specific reason; they are looking for relief from their un-wellness or their pain, whether that is physical or emotional… they usually do not come to learn yoga techniques but to to improve their health and well-being.

Yoga Class – regardless of the style of yoga that one chooses to attend classes are generally catered for in a group setting. Classes, whether they are an open class or for a specific target group are designed with yoga practices that help the student connect more with their bodies in a way they may not have done before. Classes may be also be designed with a therapeutic focus.

Yoga Therapy Session – sessions are intentionally designed and informed by through the information that is received during  the assessment process with a student and targets their needs. Primarily sessions a designed to relieve symptoms, improve range of movement, bring understanding to their health concerns and to allow students to move back into their everyday lives with a sense of empowerment. Yoga therapy has the capacity to benefit for those recovering from injury and illness as well as those who are living with stress and pain, whether that be from a physical or emotional 

Yoga Teacher – there are varying types of training and hours of tuition to become a Yoga Teacher and once qualified a teacher may offer a variety of classes, sometimes for specific groups as well as general sessions. Often there is a diverse range of students in each class. The focus of classes and the delivery of instructions may differ according to the style of yoga studied and the desired outcome for the class and it’s students. Classes will encompass the yoga practices such as asana, pranayama, meditation etc.

Yoga Therapist – works within a therapeutic framework where the primary focus is the needs of the student and with the aim to empower them to become involved in their own healing process.  A Yoga Therapist will use different forms of assessment to begin to understand the student’s needs and capacity and then applies the appropriate tools of yoga, which are often modified for that student, to facilitate positive change.  As the student’s needs change their practice evolves. In Australia, Yoga Teachers are required to undertake Post Graduate study ranging between 600-1000hrs of specialist training to become a certified Yoga Therapist. is indeed true that by practicing yoga we improve our ability to concentrate and to be independent. we improve our health, relationships, and everything we do.

TKV Desikachar