Yoga Mentorship and Private Study

During the later years of study in Yoga and Yoga Therapy the mentorship I received at both a personal and professional level was integral to my understanding and learning.

The dictionary defines mentorship as “The influence, guidance, or direction given by a mentor” A mentor is seen to be an “experienced and trusted advisor”, “someone who gives help and advice over a period of time, with mentoring being the process in which “someone shares their knowledge, skills and experience with another person to help them progress”.

There is an old Chinese saying that goes something like this…. “When the student is ready the teacher appears”.

The history of Yoga was one of personal study with a teacher that extended over a period of many years. When the teacher was satisfied that the student had learnt and imbibed the Teachings, they sent them on their way to fulfil their dharma. It is a far cry from how Yoga has evolved to be taught in this modern world.

I am forever grateful that at a time when I was seeking more understanding I was drawn to a teacher who has since been a constant guide, teacher, well-wisher and mentor for the last 13 years of my practice and study in Yoga. When I met Barbara Brian, Principal Teacher & Yoga Therapist at Agama Yoga Centre, Middle Park, Melbourne and started to extend what I had already learnt, I began to realise and understand the importance of a personal, tailored and layered practice that was relevant to me, my body and what was happening in my life.

Study at Agama was steeped in and always referenced to the foundational texts of Yoga and was delivered in a way that bought an understanding to the process of step-by-step learning, whether that was on the mat or in the context of study units and workshops. Learning in this way, individually and as a member of a study group, allowed me as a student to apply what was learnt and transfer that into my teaching, whether that was for one student or for each individual student in a group class situation, but more importantly  in my personal life.
Understanding the teachings, their application and their relevance to my own life has grown a deeper understanding to how important it is to apply the same step by step principle in a way that is relevant to each student who might walk through my door.

The Yoga texts always amaze me; how this ancient text and teachings can still be so relevant to us, as we live in this fast paced ever changing modern world. The underlying principle of learning with Barb was that concept of student – teacher relationship, one that has been cultivated continually over time and such an important part of learning.

This is an opportunity to enhance what you already know, or maybe would like more clarification on, within the teachings and application of the tools of Yoga and Yoga Therapy.