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“Experiential learning in the aspects of Yoga and simple Ayurveda methodologies allows the individual to implement what has resonated for them, and encourages incorporation of those strategies that have the potential to change the way that anxiety touches their life.” Radha.

The aim of Yoga for Calming the Anxious Mind is to bring understanding and simple practices to the individual in a way that is easy to understand. Simplicity is an important key to understanding that empowers change. These weekends offer a taste of the teachings that underpin yoga, and how and why Yoga is effective in reducing the symptoms of anxiety. You will gain understanding into how stress affects the whole person, and be introduced to a simple range of Yoga practices. There will be an introduction to the basic principles found within the Ayurvedic approach to optimum health and wellbeing, and their relevance to the individual.

This is a gentle weekend of space, practice and interaction, which will allow you to take home practical skills and an understanding of how to implement Yoga and simple Ayurvedic principles into your everyday life. This is a great start to begin understanding why our lives are so full. First we have to stop, and then we have opportunity to gather our self and reflect.

“To come to understand is to be educated. Knowledge that is accessible for the individual, when gifted in a way that is simple, has the potential to have a profound effect”. Radha

This is a small group weekend with limited spaces in a beautiful home space. No experience is required… only a desire to make a difference in your own life.

Expressions of interest are welcome.