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Yoga Sensitive to the Effects of Trauma.......

This is a body centred Yoga class, designed to allow those students who have experienced trauma in their life to connect with the body and over time their breath. As a student progresses they will begin to gain confidence in and build a foundation of trust with their body.

Students work with invitational guidance and are encouraged to move at their own pace, and to work within a comfort level that feels right for them.

Classes are designed to develop the ability for each student to recognise their own individual capacity, allowing them to begin the practice of making choices that are relevant to their individual needs. Personal exploration of their experience presents an opportunity for growth and understanding, gradually increasing tolerance of sensation and empowering a student to take effective action, one that aids pacification and self regulation.

Due to the specific nature of Yoga for Trauma the number of students in each class is smaller than you would find in a general yoga session.

A pre class consultation is required before commencing these classes as they are specific for those individuals that have experienced trauma in their life. This allows us to begin to establish a connection as teacher and student.

For more information please Contact Radha