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The quietness and simplicity of the Mallee as the sun set on 2017 asked me…

What will you we take with you into the next moment?

This is just a photograph, one capturing a single moment of ordinariness in the natural progression of Mother Nature’s capacity to embrace constant change. A progression of change that is seamless, built into the rhythm of life, and often seemingly, going unnoticed.

I ask myself when do I notice what is constantly being presented to me?
Is it when there is that “amazing” sunset? That one that takes my breath away and I stop and go wow!

Why do I not always notice the plain and unexceptional….the everyday sunsets….those ones that come and go, day in and day out, the not so special.

I can tizzy them up, those pictorial memories of the plain, those everyday sunsets, to make them look a bit speckier…..but it doesn’t change their ordinariness. I am able to physically change the hue, fame it differently and blur the edges….but it is still the same picture….yet then it’s not true to its source. I can revel in my own artistic talent and think to myself “well now that’s better, that’s much more acceptable, so much prettier!” yet underneath it all, they are still that, ordinary, everyday occurrences. Why is there a desire to change the ordinary….to want something different?

I reflect on “How often do I forget the beauty found in the ordinary?”

When moving through the day there is a seamless progression of change.

Am I able to be aware of the ever presence of change, aware of the affect and effect of connection with individuals as I move from moment to moment, in a progression of action and reaction…..cause and effect?

There is nothing surer; change is constant, in and through personal relationships with others and also within the “role” that one plays out in this life….daughter, teacher, chef, nurse, wife, mother and the list goes on. Change is also continuous in those interactions with the expanse of nature and also within this body’s internal world, even the minute particles and cells that make up this body are constantly changing; nothing remains the same.

Am I able to remind myself to reflect each day on the beauty found in the ordinary…..that…ordinarily extraordinary existence, which is lived day in day out?

Am I able to turn and see the day that has just been for what it is?

One filled with beauty.
Am I able to change the way I see…to look from another angle, choose a different perspective?
Am I able to see the beauty that has been?

And see the beauty that is coming…held within the changing aspect of light?

As the sun gives way to the night sky it leaves behind a reminder of the beauty the day has held.
Which direction do we look?
Is it to what has been, or, what could have been?
Do we want to hold on and not let go?
Do we wish “it” never happened or that “it” happened in another way?

As I watched the setting sun this New Years Eve
These words hung in the mind…

Look around……
Change your view…..
Look softly at what has been…..
Try not to see with a narrow vision in a rigid mind

See what the ordinary has left you.
There is beauty in the vista that opens up before you…
See the colours of reflection.
See what is coming,
Rising from the closing of a year, a month, a day, a moment…..
It is full of potential…..
There is beauty in what has been…..there is wonder in what is to come.
Embrace what is in your presence now……..

All too often we look to leave behind the passing year….
To make new resolutions…

To leave the past behind…

This year I take with me the past….
The past year and all the other years…
They have taught me much….
They have blessed me with change, some welcomed and some that has been difficult.

This is my reflection for the days ahead…..

Am I able to be like the wave of the ocean….fluid, always returning to balance…..?
Or a grain of sand…..light enough to be picked up by the breeze, and to settle back to the earth in a different location….
Or to be that seed when planted that sprouts, grows, flowers, fruits and returns home within the rhythm of change that is the constant gift of Mother Nature

I welcome with an open heart the New Year……remembering with love, understanding and compassion all that has gone before, as a guide for the year s to come.