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What do we see….

I travel the Mallee highway often
Watching the changing faces of the landscape
It’s exciting….

There are so many amazing sights…sunsets, sunrises, full moons…new moons and sometimes that stunning Goddess Moon, just a glimpse….a slither….sometimes standing upright and sometimes She lays on her back filling with water to spill onto the land when She stands straight once more. And there are always an infinite number of gob-smacking cloud formations….and sometimes I am lucky enough to see twinkling gems on the tips of leaves dancing in the early morning sunlight

How amazing is Mother Nature.
Do we see her mysteries as we intently rush about within the business of going somewhere…..?
Ensuring we arrive at the expected time….

I listen as people say….. “The Mallee is looking so beautiful”…. And it is.

Her capacity to transform…

Her own unique beauty, found in the harshness and heat of summer with its dry and crisp, brown landscape through into autumn and then the beauty of the cold and sometimes wet winters ………and now there is spring with her lush green and vibrant colours of new growth.

How striking are the differing shades of green as the crops flourish this season?

Then there is this amazing contrast of the brilliant yellow of canola crops that appear even more vibrant against the grey skies as Nature Herself showers this land with moisture….

Barry’s Dad would say “I can see the grass growing” He loved this time of the year.

But yesterday as I drove this Mallee Highway, as I marvelled at nature and the beauty of the drive, I wondered what others see…

I ask you….. What do you see?

Is it the lushness of the farming land….rounded, well fed stock….the colours of the canola and the budding lupin…the deep green of cereal crops…the grass tall on the roadside dotted with a stray veitch, canola or onion weed flower? Maybe you see the many colours of gazanias or even freesias….tall wild oats and bridal creeper…green and lush. There are so many things, that we in our wisdom have gifted to this landscape which we so often speed past as we go somewhere.

Is this what you see?
The lushness of the crops
Is it the farming land that catches your eye?
Is this the picture that catches your attention? (Other than the road itself!)
Is this what stands out most in your mind?
I wonder?

If truly honest, most of us would say ‘yes’, because it is what we see….
What our eye is drawn to…
What the mind is “looking” for…
It is what is “familiar”…
It is what we “do”…..and what we “know”
It is an intricate part of the Mallee lifestyle and entwined within the business of our living.

Our mind looks for what we know, what is familiar…
It is the nature of the mind.
It is its pattern

Then there are the natives that we catch a glimpse of; the wattles and some eucalypts that are starting to bloom, and a few native flowers beginning to show their faces.
They appear to flash past as we rush on by….

I pondered….what did this land really look like?
What did the former custodians of this land see when they lived and moved through this land?
What did they feel?
What was their experience?
What did They truly see when they looked at what We now call the Mallee?
Before we left our footprint….

I ponder….

Do we stop long enough, not to “smell the roses”, but stop to see what lays hidden, unassumingly present, just off the side of the road that we fly down so regularly.

Around this time every year I stop to smell the wild flowers and listen to the sound of life…..Early spring is exciting.

Sunday, I debated….do I or don’t I…do I have time? Mmmm… running a little later that expected (or is that just my usual way anyhow….some would probably say yes)

Will I stop?
I was excited, will I find this treasure.
I have missed it these last few years, maybe I was too late…maybe too early….

How exciting………..I stepped out of the car.
The heart…open, spacious, child like
The senses alive……..
The silence…..
The stillness….
Inside and out….

A unique spot, just off the road….
Amongst the littered rubbish of rusty cans and discarded bottles
A kaleidoscope of colour…sadly though, the result of our footprint amongst the bushland…a pretty sight all the same.
Its own little world, hidden away…..
Not acres of land
No expanse of lush green and golden yellow
A small patch of scrub
Holding such variety in life
A delight for the senses
The native flowers out in bloom, heralding spring
Deep blue, soft pink, mauves and vibrant yellows
The joyful song of tiny wrens, hidden in the undergrowth….
And a sweet honey like fragrance hanging the air.
A little piece of paradise….just off the road…..

Walking delicately amongst the scrub, watching every step
The crisp bark crackling under foot
So small……….
So beautiful…..
So unique…………..

Here on the edge grows something of great beauty…..
Not once thinking its self anything other than what it is…..

A flower
Still this orchid shows up amongst all the extremes of life.
Rising up out of the earth when the time is right…..
Reaching full potential…
Living its life’s purpose
Then returning again to the earth from where it came.
Only to repeat the cycle again in the new spring

How amazing….how stunning…
This encounter with life has left my heart singing…

Joy rises easily when I let it…..
It is in the remembering….
The remembering of feeling……
Living the quality of that feeling…..

I ask of myself….
How heavily do I tread upon this earth?
What has my footprint been and what footprint do I wish to leave?
Am I aware enough, vigilant enough to tread gently?
How often do I allow space to grow the joy that has the power to transform and uplift us, lightening our step?

Please Let’s gift our Self time to….

Stop, see….see the beauty held within all of life, the uniqueness of all, the animate and inanimate.

Stop, taste….taste all that life offers…not just food but life itself…..the bitter, the sweet and the sour, the salty, the pungent and the astringent.

Stop, breathe…..smell the aroma of life, consciously fill our being with the gift of life contained within each breath.

Stop, listen….to the silence
…….to the noise of living
……and to everything in between.

Stop, touch….touch life, gather in and reach out in love for all of creation….allow yourself to touch and be touched by every experience of this amazing life

Stop, allow time
… reflect….
… remember…..
…….and to feel all that is offered

Be present to Mother Divine and all Her gifts within this Blue Planet
How precious is this time….
To be held in her arms….
How precious is this love…
This love of the Divine…