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Meditative Practice

Meditation (dhyana) leads us into the goal of yoga……union with the object of one’s single pointed concentration (samadhi). The second sutra of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras: 1:2 yogah citta vrtti nirodhah translates as “yoga is the pacification, concentration, and complete focus of the mind’s fluctuating activities” ref; Liberating Isolation; Frans Moore.

All we require is a desire to find a space in our busy lives to stop and spend time with our self….to reconnect and rest with purpose. These classes incorporate the tools of yoga to prepare the body, breath and mind, allowing the practitioner to “sit” for meditation. Simple asana and breath work, accompanied by the use of voice, visualisation and gesture, begin to quieten the mind into a single point of concentration for transition into the art of meditation and self reflection.

Yoga experience is not a prerequisite, all you need is a willingness to begin. Contact Radha for more information or to confirm your attendance