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Born To Set Our Self Free

Just the other day I was doing a search of the internet….I was looking for quotes to go with a picture that had been taken, a picture of one of the precious earth angles that has grace my life, when the following quote found me.

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free” Michelangelo

My mind went Mmmm (as it often does). “How beautiful is this quote” This was the thought that popped in to say hello, and it has stayed with me since New Year’s Eve.
Michelangelo’s quote has been my source of reflection every day since and I have contemplated why it so intensely captured my attention.
The plethora of images on the net that accompanied this quote were varied and beautiful. Images of angels carved from marble, images of Mother Nature in her glory, all of the images touching a place in my heart.
Is this how it is for us as we hide within a facade of stone that has over a life time been hardened by the sediment of experience? As layer upon layer of experience comes to us and begins to form around us, colouring us, changing us, do we begin to identify with the hardness of rock, becoming trapped in ways of being and doing that really does not resonate with who sits inside, trapped waiting to be freed.
Then other quotes of Michelangelo’s found a way to catch my attention and began to strike a chord…..

“The marble not yet carved can hold the form of every thought the greatest artist has”

What if we are the artist and the stone to be carved is none other than one’s self? What if every thought that we have ever had is held within that block of marble….and what if we the artist has the courage to chip away at the hardened sediment of experience to reveal the beauty that lies hidden behind the stony exterior. What if, as the greatest artist in this lifetime, we have opportunity to bring expression to the noblest of thoughts and transform this piece of stone into its greatest potential? What if we our self, with faith, courage and love chip away at what appears hardened and bring into life all that is trapped within.

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”

What if we allow our self to be that great artist who sees within our own piece of hardened stone all That we are…..

What if we take responsibility to carve out our own beautiful story, carve out our preordained destiny and become like the angel seen within the piece of marble that Michelangelo set free…

What if we allow that angel inside to fly and be seen….?

“The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection”

And as a great artist would work tirelessly on their piece, is this not also our task….to keep a vigil at our own work.  To be tireless as we chip away at our exterior, the eyes of the artist only for seeing deeper into the layers of who we are on our path of uncovering the beauty found within?

Remembering when the artist tires he rests, and then again he will take up his tools of trade and recommence until the task is done. What if we work tirelessly to draw out from the shadows that perfect piece of divine beauty that lives inside?

And I contemplate:
What then, when the work of this artist is done?
It is an interesting contemplation……and in this moment I am aware there is much work still to be done, but I am comfortable in the knowing it is all perfect….Divine perfection.