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What an amazing way to start the day… swim in the still expanse of a great ocean….ahhhh, it settles the mind and nurtures the soul.


I guess there “shouldn’t” be a “but” and maybe that’s not what it is or was…… yet the water to my skin was cold…..crisp.
I love water…..
It seems to be a part of who I am
A way for expression………

I love the ocean, and to swim in gentle waters this morning was so good, yet every time I step into Her there is “something” that constricts….
It is whole body feeling
Today was no different.
The crispness of the water found me gasp breath in, quickly, and then I stopped…..
There was hesitation.

This is how it is….rarely is the reaction different

I love it
The water beckons me in…..
I walk in, knowing somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind it will play out this way Gingerly stepping forward into deeper water
I can tell myself it will be different this time
Then about half way in
The crispness of the water reaches the middle back
And I stop……
Seemingly “stuck” in a repeated pattern
I could “force” myself to change it…

A small distance away an older Greek gentleman said, with a bit of a giggle “Just dive in”.
My laughing reply
“I will, it simply takes me a while”….
And it did

When I was ready
I simply slid into Her waters
Easefully, without effort
Embraced Her crispness
Enjoyed Her offerings
Heaven on earth!

Before I allowed Her to fully support me….

As I stood in Her water this morning
Reflection fell on the pattern
Of being beckoned to move more into what I love
And the resistance

Yes, resisitance to surrender to the water, yet there was also a reflection within the context of my life. Reflection on how, when we want to plunge into the new or uncomfortable, we all do it differently.
Some jump headfirst…. “just dive in” he said
Others, like me test the waters…..considered steps and then ease into it

When the way we do it is not right for us, we suffer

“My way” may appear frustrating to some, yet for me it allows time to settle the internal, take a breath, feel comfortable and then decide.

“Whenever you are in doubt it is best to pause. Few things are so pressing that they cannot wait for a moment of breath” TKV Desikachar.

What I find is, if I honour who I am, if I take time to consider, to reflect and plan, I remain more on track. It isn’t that I don’t challenge….I simply challenge myself differently these days. If I am able to see my patterns and challenge them with understanding and apply love, then the change becomes more easeful. If I force or think “I” or “it” should be another way, or happen faster, then I create my own form of suffering.

I watch in awe as others take bold steps and wonder how they can….
Others watch me and possibly wonder why I can’t….
We are all so different.
It is what makes us unique
It is why I love the way I teach Yoga, how I have been guided
In consideration of the individual

This morning’s swim was a process in Yoga…..of how the principles play out in this life.

One of self reflection – svadhyaya
Of identifying patterns – samskara
Of reflecting on what influences my behaviour – vasanas
Of working honestly with what was present for me in each moment – satya
Of practicing contentment – santosha
Of stepping with purpose and verifying I am ready to take another – ksema
Of breaking my swim into achievable parts –vinyasa krama
Of letting go of the fear of stepping forward – aparigraha
Of trust in that I will be supported – shraddha

Water gifts me flow….
These last weeks has confirmed a realisation, one I already knew, yet seemed reluctant to pursue with vigour.
I am a storyteller
I learn through storytelling
I teach through storytelling.
When I am able to weave experience into the teachings
When the teachings come alive in words and action
When I can understand “how is this relevant to my life” it becomes a light-bulb moment
It’s how I learn

I now share this experience with you through storytelling

If it resonates for you great, and if you find an ah ha moment, or, a chance to reflect upon your own story then I am grateful
If it changes something for you wow, because in these moments of self reflective sharing I learn so much about myself and especially about how the gifts of Yoga influence my life.

With love Radha.